3D infographics 

3D infographics for transport design

Stylised exploded 3D high resolution maps for the Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro 3D wayfinding infographics
Photo of final display in the Nakheel station in Dubai - One of 27 different ultra high-resolution different maps created.
Stylised wayfinding infographic signs for the Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro 3D wayfinding infographics for signs
3D wayfinding infographic maps for the Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro 3D wayfinding infographic maps
Stylised exploded 3D maps for the Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro 3D stylised maps
3D graphics for the Dubai mass transport system
Dubai mass transport system's 3D signage maps


Client / TDC London & Dubai RTA

3D Wayfinding infographics for the Dubai Metro (RTA)

Dubai’s incredibly diverse population throws up some unique wayfinding challenges for users of the new metro system. TDC in London was hired by the Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) to design, from the ground up, a signage solution for the entire network. In turn, we were subcontracted by TDC to provide the 3D expertise for the creation of 27 large format A0 illustrations to aid passenger navigation at the entrances to all the stations.

For our role in the project, detailed engineering drawings were supplied from which we distilled the main features of each station. Working towards a distinctive aesthetic, stylised 3D exploded illustrations were subsequently created using our expertise in 3D. The sections and plans guided the creation of simplified models to depict the major architectural features. Once an overall aesthetic for the images was fully agreed by all parties, we could proceed with the creation of all 27 different images.

Each finished 27 megapixel high-resolution composite image was delivered to TDC in London for checking and, once verified, they applied the RTA brand graphics and map icons. The finished documents were digitally transferred to the TDC offices in Dubai where they were printed and installed in each station.

In a project lasting over two years, we worked seamlessly with the primary contractors and stakeholders to interpret and distil the architectural language of this massive infrastructure project. We created very clear exploded 3D images, that when combined with TDC's 2D graphics, created a superb wayfinding solution for the metro. From concept to installation, the whole project was completed on time, on budget and to the full satisfaction of the client.





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