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Vidar SSK submarine CGI animated movie

The Vidar-36 SSK is BMT Defence Services' high capability, long range conventional submarine design. In an effort to promote both the submarine design and the advanced engineering capabilities of BMT DSL, they approached us to produce a promotional CGI animated movie, interactive 3D PDF, and a range of high resolution 3D cutaway illustrations.

Case Study: Submarine CGI animated movie
Case Study - Submarine 3D video

Dyson photorealistic product renderings

A series of photo-realistic product renderings and CGI montages for various Dyson products. Destined for international marketing by this multi-national company, the 3D rendering quality, and attention to the brief and style guidelines was paramount. We have supported Dyson during times when their product release schedule is high.

Dyson photo realistic 3d renderings
Case Study - 3D Photo-realistic renderings for Dyson

MBDA Missile Systems 3D CGI video

This core UK Complex Weapons programme is in development by MBDA Missile Systems. We were approached by MBDA at an early stage in the development programme to create animated computer graphics to highlight the ground-breaking technology incorporated by this new defence system. Our 3D animations for international marketing and design awareness illustrated its unique launch flight profile, possible target scenarios and launch platforms.

Case Study: CGI animated missile movie
Case Study - 3D animated movie for Defence missile system

Dubai Metro / 3D Wayfinding maps

The creation of twenty-seven different ultra high resolution 3D wayfinding infographics for the recently completed Dubai Metro System. Each of the 28MP stylised exploded 3D rendered illustrations of each station was developed to clearly display information that included platforms, exits and disabled access. These info-graphic displays are now installed throughout the Dubai Metro system.

Case Study:: Dubai Metro 3D infographics
Case Study - 3D rendered wayfinding infographics for Dubai Metro

BMT Defence Services / Bid support

For over 7 years, we have supported BMT DSL on various bids with illustrations, visualisations and videos of their concept vessels. Notably, BMT DSL has won the contracts to supply variants of their BMT-Aegir® tanker vessel design to both the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and to the Royal Norwegian Navy. The 37,000 tonne Tide Class RFA tankers will be bought as part of the UK MoD's MARS programme. BMT DSL won this prestigious specialist design project in partnership with Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME).

CASE STUDY :: Bid support
Case Study - 3D visualisation of naval vessels fro bid support and marketing

BOTT GmbH / Interactive 3D configurator & Videos

Bott Ltd is a German company with significant facilities in the UK, who manufactures high quality storage and racking systems for vehicles and workplaces. We were commissioned to create realistic computer animated video for their European marketing strategy. Furthermore, we created CGI animated videos for their award winning product configuration tool.

Interactive 3D
Case Study - Interactive 3D configurator graphics and animation

South eastern Trains & TDC / CGI Photo Montage

A project that demonstrates CGI photo montage with CGI elements, digital photo retouching, and CGI compositing. We were commissioned to create realistic photo montages of re-designed platform furniture to demonstrate the viability of new design proposals for the client, South Eastern Trains. We created realistic images of the re-designed platform furniture in situ, which included new platform signs and an additional lift structure.

CGI photo montage
Case Study - 3D photographic montage and digital retouching

Houlder Ltd / 3D CGI animated video

A totally computer generated video to demonstrate a concept off-shore wind turbine access system (TAS). The project involved sea animation, character animation, complex 3D rigging and was delivered to a tight deadline in time for public release at an international trade exhibition. The TAS went on to win several innovation awards and is now available commercially.

Case Study - Houlder 3d CGI animated video
Case Study - 3D animated video of Turbine access system for Houlder Ltd

Karrimor SF

Available soon

Case Study:: KarrimorSF design development
Case Study - 3D Support for design and development
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